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Security plays an important part in maintaining the safety of a structure. At EST, we've focused our efforts in providing commercial solutions in security. From high-rises to office building complexes, we offer solutions in digital CCTV, access control and burglar solutions. We work with top-of-the-line manufacturers to provide the best solutions for our end users.


With the current trends in technology, IP systems are quickly becoming the desired form to monitor a premise. With new high-resolution cameras and storage quickly dropping in price, most systems will soon be IP-based. At EST, we pride ourselves in being on the leading edge of technology, and we are always focused on providing the best solutions for our customers. Contact us today for help with a new or existing IP system.

Access Control

An important part of physical security is preventing individuals from accessing secured areas. Access control plays a key role in this area, providing identification and low-cost keys that are tracked by the computer systems. This allows building managers to enable or disable keys to restricted areas. At EST, we are always looking for ways to facilitate this process. Ask us about our computer-less access solutions, as well as systems that can be configured from your iPad.

Depending on the type of access control implemented with the building, your access control system and your fire alarm system might need integration. Call us today and one of our representatives will be happy to explain how this integration needs to work.


In certain commercial installations, burglar systems are often overlooked due to a myriad of systems that might perform similar functions. Oftentimes, an access control system can perform many of the duties that a burglar system can, such as alerting guards of invalid access, restricted access and forced access. But how do you secure a building that needs to be left empty for a period of time? How do you handle an emergency in which there is no staff manning the facility? The burglar system can be a key system in monitoring perimeter access, glass breaks, motion inside of a building and the notification of events to interested parties or authorities.

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